Partner Updates

This is a dedicated news and update section of 3DA (blog) for partners and collaborators giving news, updates, strategies and the ability to give feedback, experiences and requests. A 2-way communication is the way we’re going to benefit and 3DA is positioned to act quickly.

Our knowledge base and unique media production capabilities is second to none. Our libraries of media are hugely valuable in addressing client’s needs swiftly.

“Art in Medicine” Social Media Campaign – Immunisation

External Partners

We continue to enjoy the partnership of Sovereign Health in Singapore. We’ve also worked closely with iEDGE in Pakistan. If you’re organisation sees opportunities in your area please contact We’re keen to move into other areas with this extraordinary program.

Media Library

3DA has a comprehensive image and video library. What we don’t have we can create very quickly given our 3D wireframe resource. For the record our female reproductive and fertility assets are extensive. See pic here. 

3DAnatomica, Undergraduate Revision